How I can help

I work with individuals and couples

Some of the issues that I can help individuals with include:


Do you find it hard to stop? Have you suffered enough?

I can help you to understand and face up to your addiction. If you’re in the 12-step programme, I can help you to explore emotions at a deeper level.

Anxiety and depression

Do you find it hard to concentrate? Do you feel easily overwhelmed, restless or irritable? Do you worry too much?

I can help you learn ways to manage these feelings and explore why they happen.

Gender and sexual identity

I have a depth of experience for the different challenges faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning people.

I work with compassion and respect to understand the unique experience of each person.


Are you struggling to adjust to life in a new culture?

I can support you in adapting and coping with this change. I can help you explore your feelings of loss, dislocation and isolation from family and social networks.

Loneliness and isolation

Do you feel lonely? Do you find it hard to relate to other people? Are you afraid of getting hurt or not being understood?

I can support you in finding ways to reach out and make meaningful connections again.

Loss and bereavement

Are you feeling in shock and disbelief?

I will support you to face the reality and pain of your loss. I can help you to cope with feelings of loneliness, helplessness, sadness and hurt – so you can move forward with your life again.

Physical problems and pain

Are you suffering with body pain?

Unwanted feelings can manifest themselves in the body through stomach problems, neck and back pain, anxiety or panic attacks.

I can help you explore the pain your body is holding and support its ability for expression and healing.

Relationship and intimacy difficulties

Are you struggling to communicate? Are you suffering conflicts, or having difficulties with intimacy, betrayal or infidelity?

I can offer you a safe space to explore and make sense of what is happening.

I also offer couple counselling for heterosexual and LGBTQ couples [link to section below on couple counselling].


Do your emotions overwhelm you? Do you feel irritable, aggressive, ‘spaced out’ or emotionally numb? Do you sometimes have the urge to self-harm?

These can all be symptoms of trauma.

I can help you develop skills to regulate these strong emotions.

Work-related problems

Do you need help managing relationships with colleagues that have become difficult? Do you feel bullied, harrassed or overwhelmed with work?

I can support you with coping strategies to help you manage these difficult dynamics.

Couple counselling for heterosexual and LGBTQ couples

It takes a lot of courage to come to couple counselling – more so than individual therapy.

Relationships can go through challenging periods and sometimes couples have exhausted their own resources.

Counselling can support you in exploring and working through difficult issues and feelings. My responsibility is to understand your relationship. I will respect and support both of you in this process.

My work with couples can be both short term (6–12 sessions) or ongoing.