"Francie helped our team feel empowered" – public sector client
Does your team need to make a change or solve a problem?

As a consultant I can support you and your team through challenging times.

I am a qualified consultant MSc with 30 years’ experience of working as a manager, educator, group facilitator, supervisor and clinician within various organisations, schools and universities.

Having worked within systems and teams I have gained a good understanding of what makes a team function well – and the harm that can be experienced when a team gets stuck.

What happens in a consultation?

  • First step will be to meet with you and your organisation
  • Together we’ll create a clear agreement of my relationship with your organisation as your consultant
  • Together we’ll identify the issues and form a contract
  • I (Francie) will then plan a consultation
  • I will bring this plan to your team to work collaboratively with everyone involved
  • I will give attention to all the feedback and work on the plan
  • I will present this back to your team for further negotiation
  • Together we will assess the final design
  • This will now be ready for implementation
  • At the end of the process, I will evaluate what has happened and how your organisation might go forward

Why choose me?

  • ✓ I am professional, personable and effective
  • ✓ I am curious
  • ✓ I work collaboratively
  • ✓ I am a team player
  • ✓ I am confident
  • ✓ I work out problems
  • ✓ I am a good listener
  • ✓ I articulate skillfully
  • ✓ I am flexible
  • ✓ I work with resistance
  • ✓ I create meaning and enthusiasm in change
  • ✓ I am trustworthy
  • ✓ I will respect your values and choices and hold your best interests at the heart of the consultation